Link: Elephants In The Room

This is something that a lot of us struggle with, me included. It’s time to start embracing conflict and make better products.

Link: Over-Engineering Side Projects

A great reminder on not putting too much effort into the infrastructure of our side projects.

A Simple Plugin Example

The latest version of Sitecore Commerce was released back in January, with version 8.2.1. An update to that release is expected soon, but I thought I'd discuss some of the new capability around the plugin architecture.

Every Song Considered

I finally released a little side project. I've started so many but just never finished any of them. Either I lost interest, or something changed along the way that made me rethink the idea altogether.

Ecommerce Trends - No. 3

The state of mobile web isn’t what it should be and I like that others are pointing out this lack of usability. There are two such articles below, essentially warning us that we need to focus more on making these experiences better for customers. After all, the number of people using mobile browsers is only going to increase.

Ecommerce Trends - No. 2

The second series of ecommerce links discusses interactive email, products-as-a-service and a few posts on user experience.

Ecommerce Trends - No. 1

Here are some recent articles and blog posts on all things ecommerce and retail. You’ll notice I named it “one”. I’m hoping to follow that up with a “two” and “three” and so on. Enjoy.

Sitecore Commerce 8.2 - What's New

The release of Sitecore Commerce 8.2 marked another milestone in the continued development and improvement of our Commerce product. While there are great things planned for 8.3 and beyond, there are some significant improvements and new features that we can take advantage of now.